University of Minnesota
Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Student, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

A personal Internet ID is assigned automatically to students when they confirm their registration at the University, and to faculty and staff when they are on the University payroll.

Assigned Internet IDs are typically eight characters long: the first four or five letters of your last name (plus "x" for shorter names), followed by numbers.


Students will be sent a seven-digit U of M ID number. Before accessing the account for the first time, he or she must complete the Student Internet Account Initiation form.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff will be notified when their accounts are created.


Individuals who have received a degree from the U of M are eligible to continue using their accounts once they are no longer currently enrolled.

Leaving the University

After an individual exits the University of Minnesota, the Office of Information Technology will never reassign that person’s Internet ID to a different person.

Because other institutions will provision access to their systems based on the UMN identity, it is becoming increasingly important that user names can only be mapped to one individual.

For example, when smith001 logs into the National Institute of Health (NIH) using UMN as the identity provider, his identity to the NIH application is effectively “umn:smith001.” Even if that user leaves the University of Minnesota, he may be still retained on the NIH application. If we allowed the reuse of usernames, then eventually another individual might log in to the same NIH application as “umn:smith001” and see information that was originally associated with someone else. This could, of course, constitute a breach of privacy/security. 

Eventually, our ability to maintain a sufficient level of assurance is expected to influence the University's ability to access federated research and grant applications.

Manage Your Account

Visit the Internet Account Options page to manage your account.